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The brochure presented was conducted for a course titled "Multimedia Writing for Public Relations." This course is designed with an emphasis on communication tactics; planning, writing, and producing public relations tools; audience and media selection; and print and electronic media.

The topic I chose for my brochure was "Project Graduation: Decrease High School Dropouts." The brochure has two sides consisting of six pages total. Side 1 is the "outside" of the brochure. It includes the headline of the brochure in all caps to grab the audience's attention. It also includes ways to get in touch with the organization, such as their phone number, email, and physical address. There is also a section for when and how to apply to be a mentor or tutor.

Side 2 is the "inside" of the brochure. It includes the mission, facts, and goals of the program. I chose a very simple layout and pictures for my brochure because I wanted readers to be able to focus solely on the content. To view my full brochure, click the link below.

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