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The research presented in this campaign was conducted for a course titled "Public Relations Campaigns." This course is designed for public relations students to use application of theory, research data, and problem-solving techniques in the development of comprehensive public relations strategies.

For this campaign, I partnered with Fox University to help create a campaign for the Auburn University-Verizon Wireless partnership. The main goal of the campaign was unify the Verizon family with the Auburn Family through a unique, cumulative gameday experience that offers exclusive benefits to Auburn-Verizon users.

The campaign was titled "Auburn Moments" because the idea was to implement WiFi into the stadiums and arenas only for Verizon Wireless carriers so fans could share their Auburn Moments with others.

Before beginning the campaign, I sent out a survey through Qualtrics to measure if the WiFi implementation would be useful. Based on my respondents, 100 percent of Verizon users agreed that they would enjoy having high-speed WiFi in Auburn's stadiums and arenas. After receiving feedback from the survey, the campaign was built.

The campaign included tactics, such as social media, interactive ads during the games, a Verizon Wireless tailgate, a raffle, Snapchat filters, and much more. To learn more about my campaign, click the link below.

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