Who am I?


I am efficient in communicating information to my public. I feel that I have strong communication skills, which sets me apart from others.

Time Manager

Time management is one of my strongest skills. I always make sure to have everything ready on time, if not earlier. Because I have held a job while also taking classes, I have had the ability to strengthen this skill.


Planning has always been important to me. From a young age, I have always planned out my activities for each week. I like to know when everything is due so I can stay ahead and never fall behind schedule.


I am a creative person, especially when it comes to generating new ideas. I can create original ideas through different platforms, such as writing, campaigning, or social media.


I have always been a very organized person. It comes natural to me and is very helpful in the field I am studying. I like to keep all my activities in an agenda, where I color code each one to keep it clean and easy to understand.


I believe I am a natural leader, and I enjoy having a leadership role in the actives I am involved in. I enjoy the challenge being a leader brings.

What can I do for You?

I am experienced in social media, web content, Associated Press Style, editing, researching, interviewing,
writing, event planning, and more! I am a go-getter, a hard worker, and competitive. I work well in fast-paced, results-oriented environments.

I have a background in public relations, communications, and marketing. You will see the courses I've taken and the jobs I've had to contribute to this expertise in my digital resume and portfolio.

Thank you for stopping by my website! I hope you enjoy all the hard work I have put into my digital resume and portfolio.
Please contact me with any questions or for an informal conversation.
I also am available to edit any work or create and maintain social media accounts, blogs, or websites!

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