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This infographic was created for a class titled "Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages." This course is designed to give public relations students an introduction to the use of style and design in public relations messages.

I used Canva to create my infographic on the "Six Reasons to Study Abroad During College." From seeing the world, to making lifelong friendships, experiencing new cultures and learning new languages, this infographic explains it all. You will find descriptions under each reason that gives more detail on the benefits of studying abroad.

Before creating this infographic, I researched the benefits of studying abroad during college. I read through many different articles and deemed the most beneficial points to be the ones that were the most recurring in all of the articles.

I included graphic art to better illustrate these six benefits. The color code I followed was a light and dark green striped background. I chose to separate each point with the opposite color to help each reason stand out. I chose yellow for the graphic art because I liked the contrasts and how the art stands out on the page. I used white for my headings and paragraphs to keep it simple and easy to read.

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