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Laura Sellers


This logo was created for a class titled "Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages." This course is designed to give public relations students an introduction to the use of style and design in public relations messages.

I used Canva and Adobe Photoshop to create my logo. I chose a sleek and simple design that mirrors my website. You will see that the black color of my logo matches the black headings and subheadings on my site. The typeface I used for my logo is called "Playlist Script." I chose this font because I wanted my logo to look like it had been hand written.

Logos can be defined as a symbol that is adopted by a person or organization as a way of identification. I wanted my logo to be easily recognizable, which is why I chose to use my unique name. Laura Sellers is a double name, meaning I use both my first and middle name as one.

You will see my logo at the top of each page in the header, as well as in the footer, on the bottom of each page. I decided to use it in both the header and footer so people viewing my website have a better chance of remembering my logo.