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Auburn Spirit


This magazine was created for a class titled "Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages." This course is designed to give public relations students an introduction to the use of style and design in public relations messages.

Each week we were required to write an article for a local publication titled "Auburn Family." These stories were written in WordPress and Ning. You can find several of my stories for this publication in my magazine. I also included articles that I wrote for the Auburn University Office of Communications and Marketing during my internship.

The six writings included in my magazine are titled: "Five Things to Know When Choosing Your Major," "What Working During College has Taught Me," "Pizza-Writer Becomes Big Hit, "Camp War Eagle Parent Run Marks 20th Year," "Bo Larking Spotlight," and "Why Auburn Abroad?".

The title of my magazine is "The Auburn Spirit." I chose this title because all of my articles are written from an Auburn student's or employee's perspective, and each of them embodies the spirit of Auburn. To view my full magazine, click the link below.

*Based on the Fair Use Doctrine of Education, I used this picture by Kathy Rennell Forbes to show how it could be used as a magazine cover. The picture can be found and purchased on Etsy.

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